Out of District & Online Courses

Interested in taking an out of district course?

Though it is not required, if you are interested in taking an out of district in person or online course, please thoroughly read the information below. This applies to both RHS students and current 8th graders. If you are a current RHS student, you are welcome to contact your counselor to discuss taking a course out of district. If you are an incoming RHS student and currently in 8th grade, please contact your middle school counselor to discuss.

Students must apply for preapproval before starting a course. Please complete the process outlined below to submit your request. Only requests completed as outlined will be accepted.

Reasons out of district courses can be approved:
•    Credit recovery
•    Course advancement 
•    Course does not fit or conflicts with Redmond High School schedule

Requests for out-of-district courses intended to accelerate a student's path of study and will impact academic course placement for the 24-25 school year must be completed by May 1, 2024. For requests submitted after May 1, there is no guarantee that there will be space in the course you wish you take during the 24-25 school year. The approval form will close on June 14, 2024 at 3:30 p.m. and will open again in the fall of 2025. We expect that students follow our process to receive approval for out-of-district requests and honor timelines.

Transcripts for summer classes are due August 15, 2024 if they will impact academic course placement for the 24-25 school year. If you are completing an out of district course that is required for graduation, the course must be completed, and the final transcript sent to RHS, no later than May 1st of your senior year.

Please send official electronic transcripts to RHS Data Processor, Megan Livermore (mlivermore@lwsd.org).

Preapproval Request Process

Please select and follow the process as outlined below. Other forms of submission will not be accepted.

Out-of-District Credit Considerations

YEAR-LONG COMMITMENT: Registration is a year-long commitment and students will not be allowed to switch classes because their grade doesn't meet their expectations. Once the school year begins, schedules are final. Additional online classes will not advance/change your schedule mid-year.

NCAA REQUIREMENTS: If you plan to play a sport at a Division I or II college/university, it is your responsibility to check with the NCAA to see if the Out of District course you chose is approved.

REGISTRATION: During course registration for the 2024-25 school year, every student MUST register for the next course in the sequence. Once their transcript is received from their out of district provider in August, the student’s schedule will then be changed to the next course.

MULTIPLE OUT-OF-DISTRICT CREDITS: If a student plans to take more than one course, they will need to submit the preapproval request form and the Appendix C for each course. Please note that only one math course can be taken at a time for the purpose of acceleration. 

MAXIMUM OUT-OF-DISTRICT CREDITS: Students are not allowed to take more than 3.0 total credits outside of LWSD during their high school career, so please plan accordingly. Courses taken through the WANIC or Running Start programs do not count against this 3 credit maximum.