Running Start

Running Start program allows 11th and 12th grade high school students to take college-level courses at community and technical colleges. Students can earn both high school and college credits through this partnership between the K-12 and community college systems.

RHS Counselors believe that the Running Start program is for students that are academically focused, independent, organized, and mature. College is an adult environment where students are expected to engage in the community in a positive, mature and independent manner.

FERPA laws are followed at the college level.  College faculty are NOT allowed to communicate with anyone but the student about the student's academic progress.  Parents - please do not contact them for any reason.

Steps to Enroll in Running Start

2024-2025 School Year

  • Running Start is an advanced program, and students are expected to follow college expectations and practices.
  • Please use your resources and our RHS Running Start website to complete college registration tasks in a timely manner.
  • Should you find yourself needing help or have general questions, your high school counselor is available for support.
  • If you have questions about the college’s classes or registering with the college, please reach out to the college directly. Look at the college’s Running Start webpage for specific contacts and support information

After you’ve decided that you want to enroll in the Running Start program, you MUST complete steps 1-3 before submitting your Running Start Enrollment Verification Form (RSEVF). Your RSEVF will not be signed unless all of the steps have been completed. 

Step 1 - Attend the Running Start Informational session at RHS and a Information Session at the College you are applying to. REQUIRED

Step 2 - Submit your application at the college you plan to enroll with for Running Start and complete English/Math placement. Once placement is determined you will receive an email from the college - forward that email to your counselor!

Step 3 - Complete the RHS Running Start Enrollment Packet and submit it here: LINK

Step 4 - Once you are ready to register for your college classes, complete your RSEVF as indicated below and submit it here: LINK

RSEVF Screenshot

Step 5 - Once you receive your completed RSEVF from the high school (via LWSD email), students will need to follow their college's process to register for their Running Start classes. Counselors DO NOT have access to the college enrollment systems. 

Running Start Contact Information for Local Colleges

Running Start Forms

Summer Enrollment

Summer quarter Running Start is now open for a maximum of 10 credits to students currently in 10th - 12th grades

STUDENTS - Submit your request for enrollment in Summer Running Start classes here (you must login to your LWSD account).

Please note - new students must enroll with the college directly prior to submitting their request for summer enrollment. Please see college contact information below. 

Additional Information