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The Redmond Athletics Team

Athletic DirectorDan Pudwill

Athletic SecretaryNicole Showalter

Athletic Complex Supervisor John Bailie

RHS Game Schedules & Scores

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KingCo Sportsmanship Rules

Signs & School Banners

Signs & School Banners: See the Kingco Handbook for detailed information.

Stadium Reentry

Stadium Reentry: Students leaving stadium will not be allowed to return. Adults will be stamped for in/out privileges.

Student Conduct

Student Conduct: As these games are school functions, students are expected to exercise good judgment in their conduct and dress. UNACCEPTABLE CONDUCT IS CAUSE FOR EJECTION FROM THE PREMISES. Artificial noisemakers, such as air horns, bells, whistles, etc. are prohibited, as is the throwing of confetti, and or other objects. Megaphones are to be used by the cheer staff only. Shirts are required. NO FULL FACE PAINT ALLOWED.

Middle School Students

Middle School Students: All middle school students must be accompanied by a paying parent or responsible adult that will remain with them through the entire game. A high school student for this purpose is not considered a responsible adult. This is a KingCo rule and will be enforced for the safety of middle school students.

Athletic Transportation