Fall Tryout Schedules


Each player will be responsible to pay their own green fee for tryouts.

There will be funds available for needs-based requests so no boy will be denied the opportunity to try out. Please contact coach Steve Wiebe at swiebe@lwsd.org to request coverage for greens fees.

Monday, August 26th: 18 hole tryout at Snohomish GC - 11:00 am starting tee time with a 10:30 am team meeting before tee off. The green fee for junior rate is $30.18 (includes tax).

Tuesday, August 27th: 18 hole tryout at Willows Run GC (Coyote Creek course) - 11:57 am starting tee time. The green fee for junior rate is $28.00 (before tax).

Wednesday, August 28th: NO TRYOUT. Each player's worst 9 hole score from the previous two days will be dropped. For a player to advance to the final 9 hole tryout, their total score must be 155 or less for their best 27 holes. The top 24 golfers who also have a total individual score of 155 or less will advance to play 9 holes at Bear Creek Country Club on Thursday, August 29th.

Thursday, August 29th: 9 hole tryout at Bear Creek Country Club - 3:30 pm starting tee time. No green fee.