2nd Semester - Schedule Change Requests

  •  Schedule change requests will be reviewed and considered for single-semester electives ONLY.
  • Requests to drop yearlong classes will not be approved.  Enrollment in a yearlong class is a yearlong commitment.
  •  In a rare circumstance where a student has been misplaced in a class, has not passed a class, or has a medical diagnosis causing negative impact a schedule change may be made in collaboration with a student’s counselor and administrator.
  • If a student believes that a schedule change is warranted, they can submit a schedule change request by submitting a form to the counseling office.
  • Schedule change window opens Monday, January 30 (7:00 am) and closes on Friday, February 3 (2:30 pm).


Schedule Change Request Process:

1.    Complete the schedule change request form (available on this webpage Friday afternoon).
2.    Come to the counseling office during the period in which you would like to request a change. Your completed schedule change request form serves as your hall pass to the counseling office.
3.    A counselor will meet with you to see if the change you are requesting is possible and make the change.
4.    Your new schedule will begin immediately.
5.    If you are requesting to drop a yearlong course, DO NOT WAIT IN LINE. Drop your request form in the pink bucket with Ms. Palm at the front desk. Yearlong change requests will be reviewed at the end of the week.

Frequently Asked Questions:
•    Can I email my counselor my schedule change request?
No, all students must follow the process outlined above. Counselors are not able to accept emailed schedule change requests.

•    Should I come back again after meeting with a counselor to review my schedule change form?
No, your completed schedule change request form allows you to review your schedule change request one time. Class space is extremely limited for semester 2, which unfortunately will permit very few changes.  

•    Can I request to change my schedule at another time?
Students are only permitted to request a schedule change between Monday, January 30 (7:00 am) through Friday, February 3 (2:30 pm).