Advanced Placement (AP)

2022-23 Advanced Placement Exam Information

RHS AP Exam Registration: 

  • Students must register for their AP Exam by entering their class/exam join code in their College Board account ( 
    • Join codes for classes are given by teachers
    • Students who want to self study can find the "Exam Only" codes in their Student Services Teams page under the "Exam Info" channel
  • The cost is $99 per exam
  • Exam payment window run from Oct 17th - 31st
  • Fees can be paid here:
  • Students who miss the October registration window can late register in February
    • A late fee of $50 will be applied to each exam 
  • If you would like to cancel an AP exam, please complete this form: AP Exam Cancellation 

AP Exam Schedule

AP Dates Week 1 (2022)
AP Dates Week 2 (2022)


Additional AP Information