Course Registration

Redmond High School In-House Registration will be in January 2018 this year. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • All registration videos, handouts, registration FAQs, and course catalog are available on the RHS Counseling website. If you miss registration in homeroom, you can access all the necessary information on the website under "Registration Materials & Instructions".
  • Students will be registering for 7 periods for each semester.

Registration Timeline for the Class of 2019-2021

Friday, 1/5/18: Homeroom

  • The 2018-19 registration video will be played during homeroom to current 9th, 10th, and 11th graders.
  • Students will receive the Course Request Worksheet that they will fill out using the Course Choice Handout and Course Catalog (available on the RHS website).
  • If students have any questions, they can come see their counselor during drop-ins on Tuesday, 1/9 and Thursday, 1/11.

Tuesday, 1/9/18: Homeroom & Lunch

  • RHS Curriculum Fair will be held in the cafeteria. Students will be able to learn about the variety of classes offered at RHS and make the best choice for their interests and goals.
  • Counselors will be available in the Career Center during HR and lunch for students to drop-in with registration questions.

Thursday, 1/11/18: Homeroom & Lunch

  • Counselors will be available in the library during HR and lunch for students to drop-in with registration questions.
Tuesday, 1/16/18: Homeroom

  • The 2018-19 Course Submission video will be played during homeroom to current 9th, 10th, and 11th graders.
  • Course requests will be submitted through Career Cruising. Please bring your laptop and your Course Request Worksheet.
  • Homeroom teachers will collect paper copies of the Course Request Worksheet to turn into your counselor

Registration for the Class of 2022

For the Class of 2022 (current 8th graders), RHS Counselors are visiting Redmond Middle School on January 18th and 29th, and Evergreen Middle School on January 19th and 30th for course registration. 8th grade students at choice middle schools were invited to a registration presentation at RHS on January 17th. All registration materials for the Class of 2022 are included below:

Class of 2022 Registration Presentation

9th Grade (2022) Course Choice Handout

2018-2019 Course Catalog

Course Request Worksheet

Class of 2022 Parent Night Presentation (1/17/18)

Registration Materials & Instructions

1. Watch the Registration Video:

Registration Video (students viewed in homeroom on 1/5/18)

2. Use your grade level Course Choice Handout and the Course Catalog to select your courses for next school year. Use the Graduation Plan on pages 9-10 and the Four Year Planner on page 8 in the Course Catalog to track your graduation requirements and plan for the future.

9th Grade (2022) Course Choice Handout

10th Grade (2021) Course Choice Handout

11th Grade (2020) Course Choice Handout

12th Grade (2019) Course Choice Handout

2018-19 Course Catalog

Architecture and Construction Foundations Revised Course Description

Course Request Worksheet

Sample 4 Year Planner

3. Still have questions? Read the Registration FAQs below, or come to one of the drop-in sessions on January 9th and 11th to talk with your counselor.

Registration FAQs

4. Bring your completed Course Request Worksheet (with parent signature) and a charged laptop to homeroom on January 16th. You will be entering your course requests in Career Cruising. You will watch a video with instructions on how to complete this step.