Course Registration

Registration Information and Materials

Class of 2023

RHS counselors visited Redmond Middle School on January 24th and 31st, and Evergreen Middle School on January 25th and February 1st. 8th grade students at choice middle schools were invited to a registration presentation at RHS on January 30th. All registration materials for the Class of 2023 are listed below:

9th Grade Course Planner Worksheet

9th Grade Course Choices Handout

Future Freshman Parent Night Presentation (1/30/19)



Class of 2020-2022

Current 9th-11th graders watched the 2019-2020 registration video during homeroom on January 30th. Students will learn how to submit their course requests into Skyward during homeroom on February 6th, and will have until February 28th to finalize their choices.

10th Grade Course Planner Worksheet

10th Grade Course Choices Handout

11th Grade Course Planner Worksheet

11th Grade Course Choices Handout

12th Grade Course Planner Worksheet

12th Grade Course Choices Handout