High School & Beyond Plan

The High School and Beyond Plan is a robust and structured program for preparing students for life after high school. This is both a Washington state and Lake Washington School District graduation requirement. We use the Xello program to assist us in meeting the goals of this graduation requirement. Those goals also reflect our mission that states, "Each student will graduate prepared to lead a personally fulfilling, responsible life as a contributing member of our community and greater society."

Inherent in that mission is the vision that:

• Every student is prepared for college
• Every student is prepared for the global workplace
• Every student is prepared for personal success

High School and Beyond Plan Activities by Grade Level

9th Grade

Here are the instructions to access your HSBP lessons in Xello:
•    From your PowerSchool page, you will select “Apps” followed by “Xello”
•    Once you are logged in, you will see the "About Me" section on your home page.
•    Phase 1: Click “Get Started” next to Matchmaker and complete prompted 39 questions.  
•    Phase 2: You will next be prompted to complete the Personality Style assessment by clicking “Start the Quiz”
•    Phase 3: Last step is to Complete the Mission by selecting “Finish the Quiz”
Now you have completed the assessment portion of About Me and you are provided a list of careers you have been matched with based on your answers.

Save 3 careers to your plan!
•    Review list of careers provided, click on them, read them, explore.
•    Save 3 to your plan when reviewing a career and make sure to click SAVE
•    LAST STEP: Now that you’ve completed your About Me profile and selected careers, your 3 activities Personality Styles, Exploring Career Factors, and Getting Experience will be unlocked. Please complete each activity.
Annual Review
Sometime during the year your counselor will schedule your annual review meeting. This meeting will allow you to meet your counselor, if you have not already, and explore your HSBP. Any questions that you have about courses or future high school planning can be addressed at this meeting.   As always, if you have any pressing concerns or needs, you can still book an appointment with your counselor at any time here. Once you complete all 3 activities, and have your annual review meeting with your counselor, the 9th grade portion of your HSBP will be finished.

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade