Out of District Courses

Interested in taking an out of district course?

Though it is not required, if you are interested in taking an out of district course please follow the following steps below:

1. If you are interested in taking courses outside of Redmond High School we will accept credit from any OSPI Approved Provider, click here for a full list: http://www.k12.wa.us/ALD/Providers/ApprovedProvide...

Below are a few OSPI approved outside providers that are commonly used by RHS students:
APEX Learning
BYU Independent Study Online
Keystone National High School Online
Northwest Liberty School

If you are planning on taking a math class online, please review our RHS Math Policy on Online Classes and choose a course that aligns with math courses at RHS.

2. Students who wish to earn out of district must fill out and submit 2 forms in order to seek approval from administration:

1. Appendix C – Request for Acceptance of Out of District Credit
2. Out of District Credits RHS Attachment

3. Please turn these forms in to the Counseling Office and it will be reviewed by administration for approval. You will be notified once it is approved via email. Then, you can proceed with registering for your course.

The deadline for turning in Out-of-District forms is May 30, 2018. This applies to both RHS students and current 8th graders.

Please note:
• Courses listed by out of district providers as “credit retrieval” courses will not be approved by RHS administration.
• Online courses can be expensive and the cost is the responsibility of the student/family.
• If you are a college bound athlete, NCAA expectations around out of district credit vary by provider. It is the student’s responsibility to use the NCAA Eligibility Center to determine if an out of district course is an NCAA approved core course.

4. Once you have completed the course, please provide the official transcript to your counselor. You can send it in via email, mail, fax, or drop it off in person.