Class of 2021

Graduation Date:  Thursday, June 10th 9:00AM   

Location: T-Mobile Park - Stadium Parking will be included at no cost to families.


Senior photos are due February 1st!

Please take a photo of your senior to be used as their yearbook portrait. Photos should clearly show the students face and not include any other people. Students must follow dress code and no words should be added to the image. The photo must be in portrait format. Please keep in mind that the image will be fairly small so it should be a close up of the student. Please check image size before uploading. Our program will not allow large scale photos, 5”x7” photos are preferable with a resolution between 75 PPI and 300 PPI.

To submit a photo, please use the link below. Select the image you want to share and fill in the student’s information such as name, grade, and email. If guidelines are not followed, we will use the seniors school ID photo in the yearbook. If students have not taken a school ID photo and their senior photo does not meet the requirements listed above, they will not be pictured in the yearbook.

Click here to submit photo.

Cap & Gown ordering Information - Questions? Call National Achiever (Herff Jones) at 425-357-1338.  Or email

If you need assistance in paying for this - or any school related fees - please reach out to Mrs. Zambrowsky-Huls or RHSHelp.   We are here to assist.